is it better if your final product works faster but to get to that point takes 4 times as long to get your product to market?

what if you have a product development project where the product is more user friendly to develop? will this impact development cycles?

are you taking the time to step back and evaluate?

how does your team feel about learning new skills?

what if you spent half of your work day learning something new while still doing your work?

(HT: JH)

are you managing your work or is it managing you?

can you make the content itself the comment?

(HT: AW)

what are the fundamental things you should be working on?

how much of your working time are you spending on these?

are you focused on performance?

what are you using to measure performance?

what factors figure in performance?

how do you know if you need a system in place of manual operations?

is it good enough?

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